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Autopilot DLM Control Software

The AutoPilot DLM (DownLink Manager) software provides an integrated system for controlling antenna positioners and satellite receivers.


 RC1500 Single Axis Tracking Antenna Controller

The RC1500 is a single axis inclined orbit satellite tracking antenna controller. It is designed for use with either single axis or steerable mounts whose motion is aligned with that of an inclined orbit satellite or with fixed mounts which employ a steerable feed assembly.


RC2000 Dual Axis Controllers

The RC2000 family features the RC2000A and RC2000C antenna controllers. These controllers are designed to interface with dual axis satellite antennas which employ pulse type position sensors. The RC2000C supports algorithms for tracking inclined orbit satellites.


RC2500 Dual Axis Antenna Controller

The RC2500 Dual Axis Antenna Controller is designed to control antennas which use resolver based position sensors and employ an Antenna Interface Unit (AIU) at the antenna mounting pad. The RC2500 is available in both non-tracking and inclined orbit satellite tracking configurations.


RC3000 Tracking Antenna Controller/Satellite Locator

The RC3000 is designed for use on mobile satellite uplink vehicles. The RC3000 combines the satellite location and antenna control capabilities of the RC8097 Satellite Locator with the inclined orbit satellite tracking and serial communications capabilities of the RC2000C. The RC3000 supports optional interfaces to an electronic compass and a GPS receiver.


RC3050 Satellite Antenna Jog Controller

The RC3050 is a three axis jog controller designed for use with mobile satellite antennas. The controller optionally supports automatic antenna stow/unstow and a handheld remote control.


RC3500 Satellite Earth Station Antenna Control Unit

The RC3500 allows even non-technical personnel to automatically locate and position a mobile antenna within minutes of power up. The RC3500 is derived from the RC3000 ACU for mobile antennas.


RC300 The Flyaway Companion

The days of endlessly searching the sky with your flyaway antenna are over. The RC300 Flyaway Companion from Research Concepts, Inc. brings all the power of RCI Auto Acquisition solutions to the non-motorized antenna.

 RC4000 Next Generation Antenna Control Unit 

Utilizing the experience gained from integrating the RC3000 ACU with nearly 200 different antennas from dozens of mount manufacturers worldwide, RCI introduces its next generation Antenna Control Unit architecture. The RC4000 architecture consists of stackable cards allowing for flexible and compact ACU packaging. This hardware set allows for all the functionality and options (navigation sensors, inclined orbit tracking, remote control, integrated receivers,etc.) currently available with the RC3000. The RC4000 is designed for an operating temperature range of -40C to +85C.


 Software and Applications Information Available for Download




This is a listing of software and files which are available for download. The software includes: software on the diskettes included with products, utility programs, demos, and Autopilot update files.


References and Application Information


This is a listing of documents available for viewing and downloading. The documents are stored in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The Acrobat Reader is required to view and/or print the documents. The Acrobat Reader is available for a number of different computers and may be downloaded (free of charge) from the Adobe web site - www.adobe.com.


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